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The Brow Intensifier is a treatment specially designed to provide body form and definition to the eyebrows. Thanks to its active ingredients, it reactivates hair growth giving more volume and density to the eyebrows. Comb, fill and sculpt quickly and efficiently.

Contains Curcuma Longa: Active ingredient with excellent regenerative properties. It prevents the hair loss, stimulates the
growth and capillary densification.

The Brow Intensifier is available in three colors:

Brow Intensifier SOFT
A light brown color. Perfect for blond eyebrows. It fills and gives intensity
Brow Intensifier MEDIUM
A medium subtle brown color, perfect for lighter eyebrows. It fills and gives intensity.
Brow Intensifier DARK
A dark and intense brown for darker tone brows. It gives strength and enhance your personality.

Thuya Brow Intensifier Dark

kr 400,00Pris
MVA Inkludert
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